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I have a bag made from an old Harris Tweed coat and am doing some research into where the coat came from and who owned it in the past.Each coat has a unique serial number and I'm hoping this can help trace it.

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The ‘Guardians of the Orb’ further ensured the cloth’s unique status in 1993 when the Harris Tweed Association became the Harris Tweed Authority, and the artisan weaving skills and geographical location were defined and protected by an Act of Parliament, safeguarding the name for future generations.

Good enough for Royalty and rock climbers, Harris Tweed has proved highly versatile, it was worn by George Mallory on his ill fated 1924 Everest Expedition, appropriated as Paris couture in the 1930s by Schiaparelli and Chanel, even used by Nike in their sneakers, and has long been a staple ingredient of Vivienne Westwood’s style DNA.

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