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Sap error while updating the classification data

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Interdependent messages can be distributed serially in different ways, as described in the following sections.When master data is distributed, interdependent objects are often distributed together (for example, purchasing info record is distributed with vendor and material).With serialized message distribution IDocs are created, dispatched and posted in a specific order.The interdependency of objects is at message type level and this avoids errors occurring during inbound processing of IDocs.TREX supports structured data search not only for document metadata but also for mass business data and data in SAP Business Objects.Indexes for structured data are implemented compactly using data compression and the data can be aggregated in linear time, to enable large volumes of data to be processed entirely in memory.

This prevents errors occurring when inbound IDocs are processed.Recent developments include: The first code for the engine was written in 1998 and TREX became an SAP component in 2000.Winshuttle Query and Transaction help companies more accurately report on and manage their SAP Material Master data.GENERAL INTRODUCTIONARCHIBUS is the world’s number one provider in the field of managing real estate, infrastructure and facility in the world, providing central storage for all data relating building and space.SAP is a tool that allows to manage financial information, assets and costs of software managing operations, materials, personnel, plants and archives.You cannot process classification data in the receiver system, if this system does not also have the data of the material to be classified.