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A new, accessible splash park will open Saturday at Morgan's Wonderland, officials announced this week.
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Best dating spots chicago

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Choose this for a big date night dining experience of wine, conversation and an American cuisine menu with striking entrees. Named after an Asian trade route, it's not unusual for Lady Gaga or Mark Wahlberg or director Michael Bay to drop in Sunda, one of the most popular spots on the scene.Must-tries include the roasted poussini with Roman gnocchi and wilted chicories. Then order the flourless chocolate cake with tequila gelee for dessert. Pick this for an adventurous date and the fusion of Southeast and East Asian plates from the talented and funny Chef Jeff De Guzeman. Party central: The menu is a mad sprout of sushi, burgers and tacos.Bottle & Bottega Evanston frequently hosts BFFs & Couples (Singles Too! Upcoming paintings include a Chicago skyline (April 22), a desert scene (April 28) and a forest sunset (May 6).

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Feel like you always do the same old thing for date night (or rarely schedule one at all)?First dates, and first impressions on dates, can fizzle or ignite interest in 20 minutes or less, according to a Texas University study. But we kept wondering where these people coupled up. Confession: These selections are whittled from dozens of potentials or this would have ballooned into a Zagat guide; if your favorite is absent, it’s not personal.And a 2009 speed-dating survey from the University of Indiana showed decisions about pursuing a love-thing (or sample and move on), are made within seconds. Now, this is unscientific, but doesn’t it figure that the way to gain some evolutionary advantage on the first meeting-of-the-minds is a stellar venue? From the Fulton River District to Lincoln Park, we tried to accommodate a menu of date vibes: hip, young, fun and a wee bit loud is represented; quiet rooms for handholding and gazing; sophisticated cuisine for the experimental; vegetarians, we thought of you, too (you’ll find something delectable and meatless).(As a bonus, its website claims it also has the best burger in town.) Or grab a bite—before heading home and climbing into bed—at Spider House, a combo café and music venue users say wins the spots-that-get-sex-started category.(We'll leave that category alone, ourselves.) If you're dating in Nashville, you know listening to live music is just part of the game.You can also check out the museum’s list of upcoming events and films for date night inspiration.